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Pulse of Innovation

Stimulating digitalization, innovation, and technology transfer by bringing research results into the economic circuit

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Technology Information Centre

In the period 2005-2010, InPulse supported the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation in the establishment of the Romanian Network of Technology Transfer and Innovation (of which it has become an official member in 2017 along with the establishment of its own technology and information centre) by means of the co-organisation of the Open Forum for Technology Transfer and Innovation – largest TTI conference in Romania (until 2010) and the organisation of several fact finding missions for Romanian technology centres to Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Hungary etc.

Since 2017 the Brasov branch acts as a Technology Information Centre, officially accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Research and part of the Romanian Network of Innovation and Technology Transfer.

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TIC InPulse addresses the following areas of smart specialization:

TIC InPulse


Through the wood and furniture sector


TIC InPulse

Energy, Environment and Climate change

Through the wood and furniture and renewable energy sectors


TIC InPulse

Eco-nano-technologies and Advanced Materials

Through the textile and wood and furniture sectors

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